Place set of 4 strips on
outer corners of Door ---->
Museum of Flies
Set of 4 Strips, per single Door or window    Must Cover All Entrances...          
       Present Customers;
Arby's, Lowes Markets, Sonic Drive In, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Rafferty's,Wendy's,
Albertsons, IGA & Jr. Foods, Nursing Homes, Perdue Farms, many Restaurants, Diners, Elite Hotels, & Residences
New!!! "Patio Fliaway" 
Our  outdoor/Indoor dining concept at $39 each. You can put water in the vase with fresh flowers, alternately...
Please order by phone to suit your flower design... (Click at top Left to see more)

Made in the USA
Stop pesky Flies from entering homes and businesses with the first nontoxic, non-pesticide way to reduce & control...

* Lasts 9 months to a year (depending on individual environment)

* Just place on all outside door entrances (with velcro backs)

* No MSDS sheets required

* Non- chemical, non toxic, does not kill nor capture the flies

* Safe for the environment!

      Why is Fli-Away so effective?                                               Due to food, people, & climate flies normally convene around the perimeter of doorways & windows upon trailing in unnoticed when these are opened. Attach a fliaway strip on each corner of the entrance, as shown by the X's. These strips simulate a predator in the multi-faceted eyes of flies, bees & mosquitoes.  See how to install & make your purchase below.
Contact us; For inquiries and more information
                            1-888-715-1655  or  575-434-8122
P.O. Box 380307 Murdock, FL 33938
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